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Bow Locks in the fog

A guided tour of the Three Mills Lock coupled with Bow Locks. The tour will also give distant views of the Olympic Stadium from The Greenway.

Date: Sunday, 27th June 2010

Times: 11:30, 13:00 and 14:30

Meeting point: The Miller's House, House Mill, Three Mill Lane, London E3 3DU

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Three Mills and Olympic Park

The Bow Back Rivers are the waterways that thread through the Olympics Park. The Olympic Stadium is on an island, and on the site of the Pudding Mill River. These waterways used to be tidal, until the construction of the Three Mills Lock. The lock and a weir in Three Mills Wall River (behind the House Mill) manage the water that flows down the Lea Valley.

Three Locks, Three Mills

The tour will aim to include

  • Three Mills Lock
  • Bow Locks
  • City Mill Lock

Time permitting, it should be possible to visit all three. The City Mill Lock is close to Marshgate Lane and Pudding Mill Lane and hence is only a few minutes walk from the Olympic Park and The View Tube on The Greenway..

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The Bow Back Rivers (c) Mike Stevens (1999)